Terms and Conditions


  • Prismatic Signs, Mission City Signs, Sign Pro and Communicart are merged with Best Print Graphics. All the same terms and conditions apply to orders under name dba Prismatic Signs, Mission City Signs, Sign Pro as well as Communicart
  • A signature on any Best Print Graphic, Inc. (BPG) quote is an acknowledgment by the signor that he accepts the terms and conditions outlined below.
  • The terms included in this document are applicable for ten days from the date a BPG quote issues. If the BPG quote has not been accepted within those ten days all terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • All agreements made with BPG, including invoices, are subject to the general terms and conditions included within this document.
  • Acceptable forms of payment include: All major credit cards, cash, company check, or money order. Please note that payments made by credit card will be subject to a processing fee of three percent.
  • The customer must pay a deposit of 25% of the total quoted price prior to the commencement of any work.
  • Complete/final payment is due upon approval of final mockup.
  • Any changes made to the project that incur additional charges are due in full at time change is made.
  • Signed Invoice is an acknowledgement from client that they accept the product as per specifications provided in the work order and do not claim any kind of refund on the order.
  • Confirmation received by email approving price and mockup is considered same as signed agreement and the client agrees to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned by approving estimate and or mock-ups to proceed for the production.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Vehicle Condition Upon Installation

    The customer is responsible for any and all costs associated with delivering the vehicle to the designated wrap installation area. The vehicle is to be in good condition and clean. The customer agrees to deliver the vehicle damage free and ready to have the vehicle wrap installed. Neither BPG, nor any of its employees, mediators, or subcontractors will be held responsible for any damages the vehicle(s) sustained prior to being delivered for installation. Each vehicle will be examined by BPG, a document noting the findings and said document is to be signed by both BPG and the customer. If any damages are noted customer waives all rights to a warranty.

    BPG at its sole discretion may refuse to install a wrap on a damaged vehicle. If the vehicle needs to be repaired prior to installation, the customer is responsible for all costs of repair. Upon the customer’s signed approval, a wrap may be installed on a damaged vehicle, but the customer waves all rights to a warranty. If the customer delivers a car that is not clean and one that needs to be washed and dried by BPG prior to installation, the customer will pay an additional charge of $75.00, due prior to washing the vehicle.

  • Appearance and Modifications to the Wrap

    Customer acknowledges that he or she is purchasing a vehicle wrap. However, once the vehicle is in BPG's possession customer acknowledges that modifications may need to be made to the design to account for individual nuances of the vehicle. Things such as dents, protruding objects or prior minor damage may affect the location of images and wording, etc. Customer acknowledges that these modifications to accommodate the shape and contours of the vehicle may require seams or patches not otherwise planned for by the mock-up. Although BPG will make every effort to avoid seams and patches, when they are required customer must approve the modifications before BPG will install the wrap.

  • Artwork

    The customer is responsible to proof all spelling, images, design, and color of the artwork prior to installation. Mock ups will be sent digitally to the customer for their approval. Once customer has approved the final mock-up, approval evidenced by customer's signature on the final mock-up, BPG is not responsible for any errors present in the artwork. BPG will provide up to three revisions, second and third revisions are only revisions to original mockup design and do not constitute three totally different versions. If the Customer is not satisfied with the 3 mockup revision, an additional charge of $120.00 per hour design fee will apply.

    The client assets put together by us to create a layout and/or artwork for a particular job to print/produce are property of Udayan Enterprises Inc. dba Best Print Graphics, dba Communicart and dba SignPro. The design time paid at any point of time by client is the amount for designer’s time for that particular job. To release the print/soft files the fee is usually 2.5 times the total cost of the design time.

  • Ownership and License to Use

    All art, designs, illustrations, digital files created by BPG are the sole property of BPG unless otherwise expressed in this Estimate. Purchaser agrees to allow BPG to feature Purchaser's logo, brand name, and any other design(s), printed materials, or installations on BPG's website, on television and radio advertisements and on BPG's marketing materials as samples of BPG's work or as a statement of BPG's clients.

  • Claims

    By accepting a completed job, the customer acknowledges that the performance is satisfactory. Customer must inspect product upon receipt. No part of a product can be used if customer is putting in a claim against the order. Best Print Graphics keeps a copy of the job, on file, for 30 days. Claims for defects, damages, or shortages must be made by the customer, in writing not email, within 72 hours from receipt.

  • Cancellation and Refund policy

    Once Estimate is signed by Client and Job is approved as well as converted to Order, Udayan Enterprises Inc. dba Best Print Graphics Charges Client’s Preferred Method of Payment. Once the payment is charged to the preferred payment method, Udayan Enterprises Inc. dba Best Print Graphics will not issue any kind of Cash Refund. If for any reason job is cancelled And/Or not completed BPG and its management will decide to issue store credit. BPG is not responsible to issue any refund or any kind of Financial compensation for “Unsatisfactory work”. Upon BPG and its management’s review BPG will do it’s best to “Re-do” the work up to client’s satisfaction.

    Customer will also be responsible for all design time put into the project and will be billed at $120.00 per hour.

    There is Restocking Fee for the ordered Material* and Fee to either cancel or reschedule the work as our installer’s time is blocked for your order/ installation. All these charges are taken into consideration before we issue any store credit.

  • Onsite Installation Policy

    On site installations, defined as the customer's preferred installation location, are subject to various factors such as accessibility of location, weather conditions, location of the installation site, and installation site conditions. Every aspect of the onsite location must meet the 3M warranty standards. The conditions of the worksite will be documented on the 3M warranty sheet. If the 3M warranty guidelines are not met, the customer will be subject to a loss of the warranty for the product and for the installation. During onsite installations, in addition to the regular fees, the customer will also be held responsible for downtime fees, which are billed at $75.00 per hour due prior to installation.

  • Timely Retrieval of Completed Vehicle

    Once the customer is notified that the vehicle warp installation has been completed, customer shall retrieve the vehicle in a timely manner. The customer is accountable for all risk of loss for any vehicle once the job is completed and the customer is also responsible for any and all costs associated with the delivery and retrieval of the vehicle. If a vehicle remains with BPG after the wrap installation is complete, the customer will be subject to a storage charge of $75.00 per day, beyond the first day of notification of completion of the work.

  • Indemnity

    The customer agrees to indemnify and hold BPG harmless from claims, damages, losses, or causes of actions caused by the customer, or its subcontractors, including reimbursement of realistic attorney fees.

  • Amendments and Integration

    The acceptance and approval of these terms and conditions signifies full and final understanding by both parties. The only agreements between the two parties are those outlined in these terms. No oral statements or understandings are to factor into or modify these terms in any way. The terms and conditions signified within this agreement can only be modified in the event that the amendments are approved in writing, including the signature of both parties.

  • Non-responsibility for Late Delivery

    *Best Print Graphics promises to do our best to produce your designs, printing, and/or signs by the turnaround time quoted in your estimate/invoice/ or our website, however events like; materials that are backordered, 3rd party delivery services that do not perform to their quoted abilities, inclement weather, equipment failure, emergencies, internal accidents which demand a reprint ( which may include extended curing, drying, cutting, fabrication times ), may cause us to miss our quoted turnaround time(s). We apologize in advance for any of these events, however BPG will NOT be responsible for any financial losses or any other loss or damage(s) our clients may incur due to these circumstances. We do promise to do our best to never miss a deadline.

  • Counterparts

    This agreement may be signed in any number of counterparts, including the original document or by way of facsimile or by way of signed quote proposal. All counterparts will be deemed an original and applicable document.

  • Time

    Each party is responsible for adhering to the terms included in this agreement in a timely, prompt, and compliant nature. The waiver of any timely enactment of these terms is not to be considered a waiver of future prompt implementation.

  • Severability

    In the event that any provision, or portion of a provision, included within this agreement is deemed invalid or unlawful in any way, the remainder of the provision, and all remaining provisions, shall remain intact, in full effect, and binding for each party.