Signage: Dimensional Logos

Dimensional signage will make your company image POP!

Dimensional signs and channel letters, those three-dimensional graphic sign elements, have become the premier choice of signs for business professionals. At Best Print Graphics we offer a complete range of dimensional and channel letter products, type styles, and custom logos to beautifully showcase your company and your products.

Channel Letters

Channel letters and dimensional signs are found everywhere, from shopping malls to exterior storefront identification, because they’re an eye-catching way to identify your business even at a distance. Building visibility for your business, channel letters let everyone see your business name in bold letters during the day and illuminated at night.

Choose from three types of channel letters:

  • The most common type of channel letters are made up of a U-channel base with colored Plexiglas faces.
  • Reverse channel letters are ones that have metal faces and returns (the sides of the letters) but have a clear plastic backing. These letters are designed to be mounted an inch or two away from the wall, and at night will create a back-lit (halo) effect.
  • The third type of channel letters are those with ’open’ faces. The faces of these letters are clear plastic with the balance of the letters built just like standard channel letters. This allows for the raw neon to be seen, as well as the inside of the U-channel letterform itself. The most dynamic type, Open Face Channel Letters, aggressively grabs attention.

Best Print Graphics offers you a wide range of channel letter options for both indoor and outdoor applications. We can also digitally print the faces to achieve any graphic effect. And our channel letters aren’t just for text. We’ll gladly and professionally convert logos and designs of all shapes and sizes into the channel letter format of your choice to make your company name and image pop.

Best Print Graphics does all this without harming the environment because we’ve implemented eco-friendly materials and lighting on all our products. Our LED channel letters consume less power than neon and are also more eco-friendly than neon, because they contain no mercury.